4 step to keep the curls last longer

Many clients have ask me this question, 'Is the curls last longer?' ‘How long the curls can last?' Today, let us talk about how to keep the curls last longer by 5 simple step at home. So, please seriously follow below each step, it can help you maximize your results!

What you need to get started:
1. Good quality hair weave
2. Heat Protectant Spray
3. Curling Iron
4. Conditioning Moisture Spray
5. Flexi Rods (We send with order as free gift)
6.  Scarf and Bristle Brush

Step 1
Apply the heat protectant spray onto the hair, it will help protect the hair from the heat of the iron, yes, we will use iron later. Before you use the iron, you have better seperate your hair into sections by some clip, it can keep the 'Not curling hair' on the side. Each section 2-3 inches wide is OK.

Step 2
Using the curling Iron to re-set the curls according their original curls or your desired curls by wrapping the hair around the tool. Don't use too high temperature to curl the hair, 250°F or 120℃ is OK.

Step 3
In order to keep the curls last longer, you need to apply some conditioning moisture spray and wrap each section of the hair around a flexi rod. Just let the hair naturally guide itself around each rod.

Step 4
Before go to bed, use the scarf wrap your head with the flexi rods, sleep tight! Upon waking, release your hair from the rods, and gently brush your hair with a bristle brush. OK, all done!!

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