6 mistakes for using Wig

Most people get wrong idea about how to use the wig, below is some fatal mistakes people will make. Just hasten to correct them if you do it before as well.

1.Store your wig on a wig stand bigger than the base of the cap. The lace of the base is elastic, if you wear it on a stands bigger than the cap for a long time, the lace elasticity will gone soon.

2. Storing your wig where expose the wig to sunlight directly, because direct sunlight will fade the hair, so avoid the sunlight when you store it.

3. wear your hairpiece while sleeping. It may result in hair loss, and the hair will be rubbed together all night.

4. Bleaching your wig to very light color, and change color too often. The processing of bleaching and dyeing will make the hair more delicate than before.

5. Contacting the wig base with hair conditioner, the knot will be loosen by it and result in shedding.

6. Contacting wig with chlorinated water, sea water. They will make the hair easy to drying out and breaking

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