Become an old hand at choosing hair weave

Today's topic is how to become an old hand at choosing hair, this should not be terribly difficult to do if you follow below 4 steps when you choose the hair weft.

1. Judge the hair material
There are a few kind of hair weft you can find in hair wholesale market, the most popurlar is remy hair, becuase they have high cost performance. You can also find virgin hair for high-end market and non-remy hair for low-end market. Try to judge the hair material by yourself, In the course of time, you will know the difference of virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair at first sight.

2. Check the short hair
The hair weft cost mainly depend on the hair material and the hair length. So many factory mix a lot short hair with long hair and sell them in high price. And they will tell you, the reason they mix short hair is because it can make the hair bundles look naturally. It must be admitted that properly mix some short hair is fine, but if the hair bundle look thinner than you see it somewhere else, you should think about whether the hair worth that price.

3. Check whether the hair easy to shed
The most common problem of hair weft is definitely the shedding problem, can we use some special method to know whether the hair is easy shedding without long time using? My method is pulling the hair rudely by fingers, fuck off the treat the hair gently, if the hair weft can't hold the hair strands tightly, how it manage the complex usage condition.

4. shopping around before you buy
For each hair vendor, there must be some product they are good at and some they don't. Some vendor specialize in virgin hair, some specialize in remy hair and some even only sell closure and wigs. So if necessary, you can shipping around before you make your decision.

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