Choosing the Right Hair Extensions: A Guide

Hair extensions are the most popular, and it is important that the hair used for hair extension is the largest part of the appearance and lengthening the life of the hair extension. Before going to the salon, it is best to learn more about this. The poor quality hair extension hair will be a nightmare. It can cause dryness, fragility, and easy knotting. From the material, there are mainly two kinds of human hair extension and chemical fiber hair extension. We will introduce more different types of hair extensions for hair extensions.

Human hair structure (stratum corneum)
       There are different layers of hair. The outermost layer is the stratum corneum, which consists of overlapping layers of long cells, which are attached to the surface in the same direction as the roof tiles are towards the tip. The cuticle locks in the necessary moisture and protects the hair from external substances. A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer. Most of the brightness of the gloss depends on the stratum corneum, and light is reflected from the smooth surface. Together with the pigment in the cortex, it gives the hair a unique appearance. Dry skin with no stratum corneum, no vitality, hair will dry up and become fragile.
Human hair extension
       People who use hair extensions have different qualities. Generally speaking, we want to get what we pay for. The cheaper the price the worse the quality, the high quality hair cuticles are still arranged in the same direction. If the cuticle scales do not face in the same direction, the hair interlocks like Velcro, which can cause the hair to tangled.
       Cheap hair is often placed in acidic containers, which can completely damage the stratum corneum. This will be covered with a layer of silicon to restore gloss. It looks beautiful, but after washing several times, the silicon will be washed away and the hair will become entangled and dry.
       European hair does not need to be taken from Europe. It is a collective name for different hairs that have almost similar structures. India has hair, Latin Americans, and Europeans. The only difference is Asians and Africans. The structure is very different. Typical Europeans are relatively thin and have elliptical cross-sections. This is a very popular hair type in human hair extensions.
       Asian hair, mostly Chinese hair, is often used for hair extension. It is a little thicker than Europeans and has a round cross section and dark black. People who are prepared to do hair extensions often want to make it thinner and lighter. This hair is not too expensive.
       The basic structure of human hair in India and Europeans is very similar. In general, this hair type has high quality. However, the collection method is very important. Different types of hair are mixed together. The cuticles are arranged in different directions. The hair quality will be worse and the price will be cheaper. To prevent knotting, the stratum corneum must be removed and covered with a layer of silicon. Korean and Indonesian hair products companies are very professional in this hair. The correct collection of hair in the same direction with the cuticle is one of the best hair types for hair extensions.
       Shunfa is the name you often hear in visiting the distribution store. They claim that only the best and most beautiful people in the world have cuticles arranged in the same direction.
       Fibrous hair is a man-made fiber that looks like human hair. The luster it produces is different from human hair and therefore cannot be confused with human hair. The new fibers continue to develop and are better able to resist heat and look more like human hair. There are many colors, this kind of hair is the most beautiful and cheap. Sometimes mixed with human hair and made hair extensions. Of course, most will not do this. Both types of hair require different care.
       Most of the wigs sold today are hairless and not too expensive, so if you want to spend less on hair extensions, this will work, but with a better quality, the hair will begin to twist and knot later and become dry.
Overheating is one of the greatest enemies of the hair, hurting the cortex deeper into the middle. When using a hair dryer or hair curler, be careful not to use excessive heat. It's best to let the hair dry naturally.
       The chemical treatment like hair dyeing and perm is also harmful. Consult a hairdresser and they should know what is best for your hair. Gently comb the hair to avoid injury. This is not only good for hair extension but also for keeping your hair healthy.
       Europe and India Shunfa are the most popular, but also the most expensive.
       Ask your hair stylist what type to use before sending or receiving.


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