Clear Away Hair Care Confusion With This Advice

Mistake 1: shampoo directly on the hair

Many people wash their hair in order to save time, shampoo directly on the scalp and then slowly wash, this habit of hurting the scalp. Any shampoo is essentially a chemical agent, and direct contact with the scalp will be very irritating to the head strap and tends to have residue.
The correct method: pour the shampoo on the palm of your hand and use it to remove the foam. Don't underestimate this bad habit, you may lose a lot of hair!

Mistake 2: Use your nails to scratch your hair when shampooing

When the scalp is itchy, grabbing the scalp with your fingernails is cool and comfortable, but it is the wrong behavior. The human nails are relatively sharp, and the nails can hurt the scalp when you are not aware of it, allowing the bacteria to enter, causing inflammation of the scalp and causing hair loss. For more exciting content, please pay attention to public health. Even if the scalp is not injured, the stimulation of the hair follicle by the nail is very large, and it will cause the hair follicle to secrete more oil, and the more it gets caught, the more it will not wash.
The correct method: rub the scalp gently from the front to the back with your fingers, not only can speed up the blood circulation and promote hair growth, but also relieve nervous fatigue.

Error 3: shampooing time is too short

Some experts pointed out that washing hair within 3 minutes is better than not washing! Why? Shampoo The main culprit is actually a bubble foam, only foam and hair contact, in order to play a clean role. Secondly, it is very necessary to thoroughly remove the shampoo after shampooing. If there is residual shampoo, your scalp will feel dry, itchy, and even cause hair loss. In addition, many people wash their hair just to wash their hair. This is also a mistake. You must take sufficient time to cleanse the scalp. The refreshing scalp environment directly affects your hair.
The right way: to clean your hair, remove shampoo, and fully cleanse the scalp, it's reasonable to add at least 10 minutes.

Error 4: Shampoo too often

Shampooing too often will damage the hair's scales and make the hair dull. Some people are very fragile in their own hair and wash their heads and lose a lot of hair. This situation should also reduce the number of shampoos.
The correct method: hair loss people, people with poor hair can not wash their hair too often, it is generally recommended that at least 2 days to wash once. If your hair is particularly greasy, it is advisable to consider taking it once a day, because the damage of the hair follicles is more damaging than the cost of damaged hair.

Error 5: Hair Conditioner When Used as Shampoo

Although the conditioner looks similar to the shampoo, the composition of the two is very different. The conditioner is actually not allowed to touch the scalp, otherwise it is not a hair care but a ruin!
The right way: Use the hair conditioner at the end of the hair and rinse it. If the conditioner does not touch the scalp carelessly, it should be rinsed quickly. After shampooing the hair, you should dry the hair with a towel and apply the conditioner. Otherwise, the moisture will affect the absorption of the hair conditioner and weaken its effectiveness.

Mistake 6: Insufficient cleansing conditioner

Many people think that the longer the hair conditioner stays in the hair, the better it will be, and this will help the absorption of nutrients. This idea is also wrong. Hair conditioners are generally not recommended to be in contact with the hair for more than 10 minutes. If it is too long, it will cause the hair conditioner to adhere to the hair, destroy hair keratin, cause hair discoloration, and even cause hair loss.
The correct method: The conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned. Try not to have any residue.

Mistake 7: After washing, wait for hair to dry naturally

After washing your hair and getting your hair dry naturally, this is a habit of many people. In fact, doing so is not good for your hair. When people wash their hair, their hair scales are open. When they open, they mean fragile. Some dust, bacteria, and dirty things will fall into place. The hair will certainly be damaged in the long run. Why do many people feel that after washing their hair, the hair becomes dirty and uncomfortable? This is the reason.
The correct method: At least wipe the hair to 60% or 70% dry, you can also use a hair dryer to quickly dry the hair, so that the scales closed.


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