How to choose a hat to match your beautiful hair

The weather became dramatically cold, many people will choose to wear a hat to keep warm and fashion, no matter wollen hat, baseball cap, beret or newsboy hat, each one with their different styles and characteristics. So how to choose your own fashionable and suitable style hat ? Let's discuss it together today!

Wearing grey hat in winter
In recent years, everyone know that the most common color is grey. No matter deep grey or light gery hat, they can match to all color dresses, and the maximum photograped color group is Black- White-Grey, it looks very elegant and layered.

Wearing orange hat in winter
As the popular of sport style, the most dynamic color-Orange return back to our life. We can see many different fashion item in the street snap of 2018 spring and summer fashion week. So if you choose to wear an orange hat, it will ensure you to be the more fashionable.

Wearing blue hat in winter
Winter dress color are looks deep moslty, but if you can match a blue hat, it will be the most correct choice. Because It will not destroy the black elegant feeling, and make you looks younger.

Wearing red hat in winter
In the black and white color winter, if you wearing a red hat, it will make you attractive and popular, as it can bring warm and enthusiastic feeling.

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