How to create a logo within 5 mins

Although a LOGO looks like a trivial little thing, it represents the entire company or brand, and it must convey  identities, values and more information. So don't regard it as a "tiny" design work. In this article, you will learn how to use some practical tools to create your own LOGO by some necessary steps.

What make a LOGO to be a good LOGO?
No matter it contains graphics or just plain text, a good LOGO is compelling, it can catch your eye by only one sight. So excellent LOGO is unique,you will not make you  confused with other companies LOGO, especially commercial competitors. Similarly, good LOGO is easy to identify. It can quickly and easily associated with a company. Good LOGO can also strengthen your brand. It should convey the appropriate mood and feeling for the company.

LOGO classification
LOGO mainly has three types:
1.font LOGO;
2.visualize LOGO (such as clothing company use clothes as LOGO);
3. abstract LOGO, images and company types are no obvious contact, mostly based on a Feeling or emotion.
You can think about which types is appropriate for you and your company.

Who is your customer

The first step in designing excellent LOGO for customers is getting a good outline. You don't have to start an investigation in the audience, but at least you should know who will see this LOGO? In other words, who is your customer? Where will your LOGO be used. This is very important before you start to design, just take a little time to figure it out before you do anything.

Find your inspiration
Once you have completed the research work you can do, it is time to look for inspiration. You need to go somewhere else to find some inspiration and creativity.
For example you can try to look for inspiration from similar company and completely different indust. Spend some time browsing the inspiration library, or even just in Google Images search LOGO. You can use the ideas from other LOGO, but try not to imitate any one of them.

LOGO source of inspiration

There are a lot of great inspiration on the Internet library, you can give your LOGO design to provide inspiration. Here are some useful website you may use. You can visit the following 4 sites to get some inspiration.


For LOGO designers, this is a great site where you can find a lot of interesting LOGOs which can inspire you.


This site shows works from designers around the world,  you can certainly get a lot of inspiration here.


This is a website where you can find the most inspiring signs and genius designs.


There are thousands of LOGO designs that you can find in almost all industry here, and they also support the keyword search function of the LOGO.

You can design the artistic words from the following two websites.


Although this is a Chinese website, it is easy to use and is better than many English websites that offer online artistic words design. You can use google translation if you don't understand Chinese.


In addition to designing the artwork, this site also supports online production of the LOGO, even it is not powerful.

You can find the graphics you want from the following two sites.


This site is more powerful than you can imagine, and you can find tons of graphics here.


Vecteezy is a huge collection of free vector art, vector graphics. It will make great help for you design job.

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