How to find a reliable hairdresser

1. Look at the decoration.

The owner’s aesthetic largely determines the type of employee hired. Therefore, a relatively quality barber shop must have its own unique aesthetic in decoration. In the style of decoration, don't be too rigid with different styles. As long as you are aesthetically ok, go straight in. In the end, we are looking for the stylist who serves us.

2. Look at the hair stylist's personal appearance

This point is too important, and basically determines the success or failure of hair stylists. If a hair stylist's personal style, you can see, believe me, no matter what he said, please replace. After all, you can't put your hairstyle on someone who does not have a mature aesthetic
At this point, I personally believe that more should be attached to the barber's personal dress and temperament. Most hairdressers' hair styles are practiced by colleagues, so we can't negate a hair stylist because a hair stylist's own hairstyle doesn't trim well.
Please try to choose hair stylists who are more normal and pleasing to the eye on clothing. Don't choose those stylists who exaggerate their dress. Often such hair stylists have not yet formed their own mature aesthetics.
The other one, if possible, try to choose older stylists. After all, a long career will give them more experience and a more mature aesthetic.

3. See customer feedback

Sometimes you run into the problem that when you walk into a barber shop of this type, you will find that several hair stylists are busy and wait for customers to sit next to each other. Some hair stylists play games on their own work bench.
Believe me, those overstuffed hair stylists must have their own uniqueness. They may have special skills. Perhaps they are particularly good at service. And those stylists who listened to them listened to me and advised not to choose them for the sake of saving some time, especially when you first came to this barber shop and didn’t understand the whole shop.
As non-professionals, we can't determine what a stylist's specific technology is, but we can indirectly help us choose a reliable hairdresser through these externally manifested phenomena.

4. See the communication

Now that you finally selected a hair stylist and sat down on his work bench, please tell him bravely about your thoughts now. Don't feel unprofessional and shy. We are just giving professional things to professional people. Let them help us achieve satisfactory results, isn't it?
Here you will encounter the following situations:
1) The hair stylist completely ignores what you are saying. No matter what you say, he is very perfunctory and responds to you, and starts his pruning.
2) The hair stylist listens to your opinion very seriously and starts trimming your hair.
Of course, our ideal situation is for hair stylists to listen carefully to your opinions and give your own advice and start pruning. After cutting a part, stop and confirm with you again whether it is the effect you want, and further adjust according to your feedback. his job.
However, the probability that you can encounter such a hairdresser is probably 1%, so the requirement is not too high, but we can at least choose a hairdresser who can communicate without hindrance.
But many times, the next fate of sitting on that chair is no longer in your hands. So if a hair stylist starts his work only after you briefly describe it, the result is unexpectedly good. Then look for this stylist, this is a hair stylist with rich experience.
If a hair stylist doesn't listen to you and the results are bad, then please stay away from him next time.

In terms of both technical and communication options, I prefer to choose a stylist who is willing to communicate. This is an attitude, and technology can increase with experience.

Ok, basically, grasping these four points will help you to screen out a reliable hair stylist.


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