How to have thick hair grows

I believe many people have a common confusion: How to have thick hair. There are many reasons why hair is thin. For example, some people have less natural hair, and some people are caused by malnutrition. Of course, some people naturally become thin because of their hair. In short, less hair still affects the image. Here are some ways to make hair thicker. Let’s learn from it.

There must be a regular schedule

Nowadays, more and more people have fewer and fewer hair, not only in the elderly, but also in many young people. Although there are various reasons for hair loss, some people’s hair loss is related to his daily routine. We all know that we sleep well. Our spirit is particularly good the next day. This is because enough sleep can promote the metabolism of our body. Every part of the body is very smooth. Of course, it also includes the growth of hair. So the night owls have to change their own. Bad time.

Conditioning on the diet

The main ingredient needed for hair is protein, so we pay more attention to the supplement of high-protein substances in the usual diet, such as fish, eggs, and soy products are all rich in protein. In addition to supplementing protein, pay attention to vitamin supplements will help you have thick hair. Dietary therapy is something I am more advocating, because dietary therapy is not only good for hair, it is very helpful to the whole body.

Scientific shampoo

There are always extremes in our lives, such as shampooing. I have seen people shampooing their heads every day and people who may have washed their heads less than once a week. In fact, neither of these is good. Hair does not need to be washed every day, and it can’t be shampooed at too long intervals. It is usually best to wash the head once in 2-3 days. And we must pay attention to the process of washing hair, just wash the head, do not use hair conditioner when the hair is very wet, but to use hair conditioner, hair conditioner when the hair is 90% dry. Do not touch the scalp directly. In short, paying attention to these details is good for our hair.

Make full use of ginger, beer, and tea leaves

We all know that ginger has a germinal effect, so when you wash your hair, you can always clean the ginger, remove the skin, and use the ginger directly on the scalp. Once or twice may not be obvious, but the number of times, the hair will become dense. Beer also helps in hair growth, so we can also add some beer to wash our hair when we wash our hair. Of course, everyone can try tea water.


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