How to identify Grade 7A 8A 9A 10A hair

Have you ever confused about the difference of  the 7A 8A 9A 10A hair? Who establish a system  to ranking the hair quality? And what is the ranking based on? I know some of you maybe have hear about it before, but most people don't know. That is why I write this topic today.

First of all, let us begin with an words 'cuticle'. What is cuticle? The cuticle of the hair is the outside protective layer of a hair strand. The cuticle resembles shingles on a roof in the way that its different layers overlap. The protein scales of the cuticle overlap to lock moisture within the hair strand.

In one word, hair with cuticle, it's good! Hair with full cuticle, it's very good! But what make the hair without cuticle, isn't it naturally that all hair born with cuticle? It is because hair material may come from many different way, some come from temple, some come from salon and many other way. So not all of the hair are  same direction from the root to the tip. It will make the hair easy to tangle if we don't make all of them at the same direction.

For solve this problem, we raise two method. The first one, use hand picking to make them direction same. The second method is removing the cuticle. Each has both advantages and disadvantages. If we use hand picking to solve this problem, the good thing is all hair with cuticle, about 70%-80% cuticlue will leave, because some processing will harm part of them. The bad thing is, the cost of the labor is very expensive. If we removing the cuticle to solve the tangled problem, the good thing is this method almost without cost, but the bad thing is all cuticle have gone, there are nothing can protect the hair from harm anymore.

That is why we got non-remy hair, remy hair and virgin hair. For now, most of company use ‘7A’ to define the non-remy hair, use '8A' to define remy hair and use '9A' and '10A' to define virgin hair. But how can I know whether they will give me virgin hair if I buy '9A' ? The secret is using your finger pinch one strand of hair and work your way up from two different direction, if the feeling is different, it mean the hair is cover by cuticle. It is the most simple way, keep it in mind when you buy hair next time!

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