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Hey beauty, are you frustrated when you try to find a correct way to care your wigs? And to tell you the truth, I've read many article about telling people how to care the wigs, but to me they seem to be all the same and some guide even wrong. I know some of you will think it is not a very important thing, but you know, the properly care for your human hair wig can achieve maximum lifespan and the best appearance. Most wigs are made with hair that has been dyed and chemically processed in order to remove the cuticle, we name them remy wigs. Although Remy wig retains part of the hair cuticle, it is still more delicate than unprocessed virgin hair. So you need to know how to care them correctly!

1. Using hair care products designed for human hair wigs
I know some of you use standard hair care products before, but don't do it anymore. because the chemicals they contain can decrease the lifespan of your wig. The hair in wigs is more delicate than your natural hair, because they can get nutrients from human body anymore.

2. Don't wash your hair too often
The recommened time to wash your wigs is every 1 or 2 weeks. Every time you wash your wig, the lifespan of your wig is shortened. So don't wash then too often more than necessary. Below is two tip can keep the wig clean in daily using. Use styling product as few as possible on your wig will allow you to wash it less. Besides, wearing a wig cap can help absorb scalp oils, keep them away from the base of the cap.

3. How to wash your human hair wig
Before washing your wig, gently comb it out, removing all tangles. Don't use the comb to work out the tangle hair when they are wet. Because the hair is more delicate when they are wet, it is easy to shed if you do it that way. Start at the tips of the hair and work your way up to the base of the cap. Make sure you are using the wide-tooth comb. If you don't have it, place hair order from me, I will give you one for free. To shampoo your wig, start by getting it wet under the faucet of your shower. Don't submersing your wig in basin of water, it can tangle the wig, especially when your wigs hair is long. After the wig is wet from the base to the tips. Gently squeeze to remove excess water, don't twist, just squeeze gently. Apply the wig shampoo to the palms of your hands and apply to the wigs. Simply smooth the shampoo on the wig from the base to the tips of the hair. And then gently rinse all shampoo, allowing the water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips. Finally dry the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water.

4. Condition Your Wig
spread some wig conditioner into your palm and work evenly into the hair, void the conditioner touch the base of the wigs, because it will loosen the knots on the cap, make the wigs shedding. Leave the conditioner in the hair for 3-5 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner from the hair under cool running water fro the base to the tips, again, don't let the conditioner touch the knot. Finally, you can let your wig to air dry on a wig stand.

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