Long Hair Care Basics

1. According to the hair, prepare a bottle of suitable shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.
In fact, shampoo can be equipped with several sets of hair according to their own problems, for example, if your hair is hard and greasy, then you can choose two, one is to make hair supple, the other is for oily

2, comb hair
Before you go through the water, comb your hair again to make sure it is not knotted. Otherwise, after the water is over, the hair is more difficult to comb, and it can easily hurt the scalp and affect the hair.

3, clean the scalp and hair root
Take a proper amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand, knead it, and put it on your hair. Use your fingers to cleanse the scalp and hair roots.
After 5 minutes, if you find that the foam has disappeared and you prove your hair is dirty, rinse it with a shampoo and rinse your scalp with your finger for 3 minutes.

4, rinse water
Rinse the foam with warm water, apply a long towel around your hair, and apply it to your hair. Also, avoid slamming or toweling your hair.

5, hair conditioner or hair mask
Take a proper amount of hair growth direction and apply it to the tail. When the hair conditioner on the hands is wiped out, put your hands into a comb-like shape and follow the hair growth direction. If you do not touch the scalp, you should comb the hair until the hair is not knotted.

6, dry hair
Use a long towel to gently dry your hair. Do not push hard.

7, blowing hair
Choose a hair dryer with negative ions to dry your hair without harming the hair. When blowing, first blow the root scalp.


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