Must know before color your hair

No matter what kind of hair, black hair will be a little depressing feeling, I feel the hair is not smart. So changing the hair color slightly will make the whole person look new, but before dyeing, you must know a few things.

If it is the first time you have dyed your hair, you should understand the damage that hair dye will bring to your hair. It is not only the perm that will damage the hair, the hair will be the same.

The hair will certainly not be as smooth as before, and it will generally dry. If it is dry hair, you should always do some nutrition.

The second is to choose the color, not what color you see in your hair is what color, there will always be more or less color.

The reason is that the color of their own hair, some hair is difficult to color, if the hair itself is darker, it is difficult to come out the same color, as well as hair color uneven hair problems, hair color will have errors.

The last thing is the problem of long hair after dyeing. This new darkening will make a sharp contrast with your dyed hair. Of course, complementary color can, but it will not be exactly the same as the color of hair dyed before.

In the future, the dyed color will gradually lighten and even change color. These are things you should consider before preparing your hair. If you think you can, you can dye your hair.


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