One min to know Extra long hair

Recently, the Extra-long hair trend became popular in New York. Some hair length even up to 40 inches. How do I know it? Because some NY clients start to inquiry it with me!! They asked whether we can provide such a Extra-long hair. But unfortunately, we really do not have such a Extra-long hair, because such a Extra-long hair material is very very very rare. Of course, insufficient nutrient supply makes hair easy Split ends and bread is just one part of the puzzle; the other part is it need a very long time to grow such a Extre-long hair.

We all know hair has their fixed growth cycle, and external intervention can hardly make any affect on the growth rate. The problem is, how long the hair can grow everyday? In general, the hair will grow 0.27mm-0.4mm per day, if you calculate it by a month, Congratulations! You will get about 1.0cm per month, so probably about 14cm a year. it differs from man to man, but normally it can present the average of many people. It mean we need about 6 years to grow a full 30 inches hair, so just let alone the 40 inches. T_T!!

And there is another factor we need to consider, that is not every strands of the hair can unlimitedly grow. Generally, the hair will fall off natually when they grow to about 24-30 inches. This is because each strands hair has its own growth cycle. The growth cycle is the reason why people shed a certain amount of hair every day. In summary, it is very hard for us to collect hair material longer than 30 inches to produce Extra-long hair.

In my opinion, I think the Extra-long hair trend can't be last too long. You can't even buy it in hair shop!!!

By the way, don't you think it is a little bit inconvenient if you wear the Extra-long hair walking in the street? ^_^

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