People in Europe and America love Henan wigs

Every two seconds, a wig is bought on the "international version of Taobao". According to the data, Chinese wigs account for more than 80% of global exports and can sell for as much as $700 to $800. Most loyal users of wigs are high-income groups, spending about 20% of their income on hair each year, and it is a great pride to have Chinese wigs available in some African countries, "as if they were rich," the official said. 

On March 17, according to media reports, Chinese wigs have become one of the most sought after products by overseas consumers on the platform. On average, one wig is bought every two seconds, ranking first among overseas traded goods. Americans bought the most, followed by Britain, France, South Africa, the Netherlands and Italy. 

Sales of wigs in Europe rose by more than 50% in 2018 compared with 2017, and in Africa, rising by 300% in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya. 

According to the person in charge of the relevant industry, this is because black people generally have poor hair quality and high hair loss rate, so they have become the main demand for wigs, of which college students and white-collar workers account for the largest proportion. 

Xuchang in Henan, known as the "capital of wigs", sells an average of 40,000 wigs a day around the world, according to the report. According to statistics, Xuchang has more than 5000 production workshops, with 200000 employees, and exports reached US $1 billion in 2016, accounting for half of China's wig exports that year. 

Many American celebrities are rumored to have worn Xu Chang's wigs, including former first ladies Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Rihanna. 

"We in China are the most dominant country in the wig supply chain in the world," said the head, accounting for more than 80 per cent of global exports. Since the rise of social media and the promotion of online celebrities in 2012, wig sales on ecommerce platforms have exploded. 

Among all kinds of wigs, real-life hair wigs are the most popular. Xu, a manager of a wig company in Xuchang, says people in the United States are much more open to wigs than on the mainland. They especially like wigs made with real hair, and Africans are used to wearing wigs, said Xu, a manager of a wig company in Xuchang.


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