Tips on care for wigs

1. How to comb a wig.

The comb wig is similar to a comb, but it is much lighter than a comb. You can divide the wig into several segments and comb it from the bottom up so that you comb the end of the comb to avoid hair loss.

2. The way to wash a wig is different from shampooing.

Washing can be done with soapy water, washing liquid or hair conditioner. First for a few minutes after soaking in water for a while, hold the forehead of the hairband in one hand and brush it with a small toothbrush. When you wash your wig, you can turn it over and hold it in the middle of the hairline. Use a toothbrush to brush the greasy side of the cloth. Don't brush the mesh so you don't pull it out. After brushing, rinse the headgear with clean water. Do not twist it with your hands to avoid affecting combing.

3. It is recommended to buy a special non-oily maintenance fluid for wigs.

Don't pull hard when tying the comb, you should spray on the non-oily maintenance fluid that is special for the wig, and then slowly open it carefully. If the knot is too serious, you have to cut it out; it is recommended that you buy a special wig Non-oily maintenance fluid, spray a spray can make the wig become soft and smooth and prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moist as if just bought back! Sometimes wigs will lose hair, this is normal, do not worry.

4. How to protect the wig without wearing it?

Long hair on the scalp can get the body's nutrient supply, while the wig has no nutrient supply. In order to protect the normal luster of the wig, a small amount of hair oil can be wiped on the wig after every grooming. When the wig is not used for a long period of time, it should be put on the head mold after cleaning, plus plastic sleeves, which can not only keep the original hairstyle, but also prevent dust and bacteria from invading.


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