6 Simple Tips you must know before Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make your hair longer and change any shape. Today you have short hair, tomorrow you can have long hair fluttering, and the whole process is super simple, everyone can!

1 for everyone

No matter what hairstyle you have, you can do hair extensions. For short-haired girls who long for long hair, hair extension effects are immediately achieved through hair extension. After hair extension, it can also be used for hair styling, hair styling and other shapes.

2 Short hair extensions are different

After short hair extension, the length of long hair can be reached. There are few methods to use splicing, and glue and buckle methods are used. The advantage is more solid. After the long hair extension, the method of splicing is often adopted. Compared to the glued and buckled operation, it is more tedious and requires two technicians to cooperate with each other at the same time. But the advantage is that it is not easy to make the hair tangled and easy to comb and care for the hair.

3 hair extension level trim

It is recommended that young girls cut their hair out of the layers before receiving them. After the hair extension is completed, they are trimmed by the anti-head-curve technique. The layer of hair is pulled open so that the hair will not appear too rigid and rigid due to the hair extension. This makes the hair look lively. .

4 Maximum length of hair extension for one year

It can be maintained for a maximum of one year, during which time it can be arranged again, and some hair removed can be re-attached, which has achieved better results.

5 Hair Drying is not recommended after hair extension

All hair extensions do not recommend too much hair, you can choose a simple hair dryer. When shampooing, it is recommended to use a combination of shampoos, conditioners or serums to help supple hair.

6 Careful dyeing after hair extension

If you send hair for dyeing, then you must follow the principle that when the true hair volume reaches 70% or more, you can apply it properly, but do not damage it too much. Pay attention to timely maintenance.


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