Use hair straighteners to make curls Go Straight! Go Curly!

You must want straight hair and love curls, but how do you have both? It is recommended that the crush prepare a hair straightener and use some tricks to make straight hair into curly hair. Some people may find it strange that curlers can't get curls? Just with hair straighteners, it doesn't matter if you want straight or curly hair.

Step1: First of all, whether your hair is straight or curly, as long as it is dry. Then turn on the hair straightener, let it warm up, and start from the middle of the hair.

Step2: When clamping, the angle of the hair straightener should be inclined from top to bottom, between 45°-60°.

Step3: When the hair straightener is flipped outwards, your hair is always around the straightening board, but the hair on both ends is not hot, maintain a natural feeling, so that you can create a loose feeling only with a roll in the middle of the hair.

Step4: In the end, follow the same procedure to clip the rest of the hair bundles, and then spray the setting solution.


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