shocked! Wash your hair this way make the hair more dirty!

Do you use the shampoo right away after you wet the hair and then use your nails to scratch the scalp? However, this is not the right way to wash the hair, it only make your hair more dirty. Here are some correct way to wash your hair, just check how many of them you have know!

1 Comb the hair before you wash it
Before you start washing, use a wetting comb combs your scalp, it make the dirt and dust floating on the scalp. Then you can wash the scalp and hair at the same time. Recommending you guys use the wide teeth comb.

2 Don't use the shampoo immediately after the hair wetting
Many people use the shampoo immediately after the hair wetting, and they don't know it can't make the hair washed cleanly. Actually you should rinse the hair with warm water and scalp more than 1 minute, remove most of the dirt on the hair. After that, pour shampoo on the your hand and make the shampoo soaping by a little bit water, finally you can put the shampoo on your hair, the rich bubble can help you thoroughly wash the hair.

3 Don't use the hair conditioner on your hair root
When the hair conditioner is applied onto hair root, its composition is easy to clog the hair follicle. The correct way is washing the hair first, then apply the hair conditioner follow direction from your ear to the bottom of the hair, just do not let hair conditioner touch your scalp.

4 Hair conditioner does not rinse cleanly
Many people think that some of the hair conditioner in the hair can make hair keep moist. Actually, the residual conditioner is easy to mix dust attached to the scalp, clogging hair follicles, causing inflammation. Therefore, the conditioner must be washed completely..

5 Go to bed with wetting hair
The hair hair cuticle is open when the hair is wetting, hair become very delicate in this time. If go to bed with the moist hair, the friction between hair make the cuticle worn thin, it will make the hair looks dry.

6 Go out immediately after wash hair
The study found that the hair were hurt by ultraviolet radiation twice more than the face. If you go out after wash hair immediately, the UV will make the hair cuticle thinner, peel off, it will lead to the hair easily break and bifurcation. By the way, it is better to take an umbrella or wearing a hat to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Since there are so many rude you need to follow, will the washing hair become a trouble thing? In fact, not really, generally the process of washing the hair no more than 10 minutes.

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