Indian virgin remy hair

  • Ombre hair #1B/27 #1B/30 #1B/4/27 hair weave body wave
Ombre hair #1B/27 #1B/30 #1B/4/27 hair weave body wave

Ombre hair #1B/27 #1B/30 #1B/4/27 hair weave body wave

  • ●Ombre hair
  • ●#1B/27 #1B/30 #1B/4/27, can not be Dyed
  • ●100g/Bundle (3.5oz)
  • ●Length: 12-24 inches
  • Product description: Oxnard, CA human hair extension wholesale supplier vendor. Ombre hair body wave 1B/27 1B/30 #1B/4/30. Can not be Dyed, only carry straight, body wave now. The weight is 100g/Bundle. Length: 12-24 inch

Ombre hair #1B/27, #1B/30, #1B/4/27, #1B/99j:

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Available texture:

Straight/ Body wave

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